Now that the contest is over, what lessons does the Brexit referendum provide about leadership? The answer is many, but for managing change, three leap out. Firstly, as the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ supporters illustrated, when someone offers an argument that coincides with your own views, it is more likely to be accepted without too much […]

Why is it such a big deal when high profile leaders are discovered to have benefitted from Tax Havens? After all, they have usually done nothing illegal. MP’s expenses, directors’ fees and loans, or questionable material in newspapers, have also generated similar questions, even though the people involved were operating within the rules. The answer is […]

With all the high profile campaigning in the US and the UK of late, there’s an awful lot of leadership on display. What’s really noticeable is the risks some will take with their credibility (I’m thinking Trump, Johnson and Livingston to name but three), and how on the whole they survive. For some, their outlandish […]

Questions about the difference between management and leadership are guaranteed to elicit literally hundreds of responses when posted on a discussion forum. Most people have an opinion – and you may feel an answer rising in your throat as you read this. However, there tends to be little variation in the answers. Leadership is usually […]

Whatever you think of David Cameron, he probably revealed more about himself in Parliament recently than he would like when he reacted to a jibe from the opposition benches about his mother. In response, he told Jeremy Corbyn that he (or rather his mother) would say that Corbyn needed to “put on a proper suit, do up your […]

Most New Year’s resolutions are about becoming a better person – but are rarely followed through. So here’s an idea borrowed from Oliver Burkeman (journalist and author) that may just be feasible. In fact, it’s two ideas: 1) Meditate. All the research shows that even 5 minutes a day can make a significant difference to […]

The current UK Secretary of State for Health wishes to redraw the contract for NHS hospital doctors. Like many leadership interactions, this is intended to progress the fortunes of the organisation. However, in spite of noble goals, he is running into difficulties. One problem may be that his approach is overly transactional and missing something vital […]