About Cottee Meldrum Ltd

For One Page Product OfferCottee Meldrum Ltd was formed in 2003 as a Management Consultancy specialising in Management and Organisational Development. It is owned and run by its two directors: Jill Cottee & Mike Meldrum. The business operates through the directors plus a range of trusted Associates depending on the nature of the work being undertaken

Most of our work is with people and organisations that value long-term relationships. Their desire is usually for management development or assistance with the creation of their strategy, and they value ideas and self-examination. What that means in reality is facilitation aimed at understanding a market and developing a strategy, plus management development in the form of 1-2-1 coaching, workshops on management and leadership topics, or full-blown management development programmes.

Most organisations recognise that better strategy and more effective leadership lie at the heart of what they need in order to take the next step up. They don’t want their managers to just to know about strategy and leadership, they want them to change their behaviour and be better strategists and leaders. So with all individuals and larger groups, the focus is always on personal development.

In achieving this, we believe in the value of peer-to-peer support and development. We recognise that people get most value from the opinions and feedback of their peers. There’s still a place for the expert (thankfully), but facilitation and non-directive approaches have equal if not greater value.

Personal experience of leading both more and less successful business activities ourselves, and having been privileged to work intimately with large numbers of business leaders, we know that it’s not an easy job. However, we also observe that it is usually poor leadership that holds many organisations back. One way of improving this is to stimulate people to consider their strategic thinking and leadership on an ongoing basis, not just when they go on a course, have a strategy away-day, or read a book. The more they do this through coaching or appropriate blogs (like this one), the better their chance of not being a drain on their organisation.

The roots of these beliefs come from our time both in business and at Cranfield School of Management where we both did an MBA, and Mike ended up working for 18 years. He started in marketing but recognised that for marketing to have more impact (and greater respect) marketing managers needed to be better leaders. He still works there as an Associate. Jill started her own Marketing Consultancy business following her MBA and was Strategic Planning Director for a major regional marketing Agency for a number of years. Over time, her work has also migrated to Executive Coaching in which she now specialises.

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