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Services from Cottee Meldrum Ltd

Executive Coaching

  • Issue-based coaching. This seeks to resolve a particular difficulty or to assist someone through a particular situation. This could be about a specific relationship, better presentations, more effective meetings or settling into a new role. Traditionally, this would require 6-8 sessions
  • Event-based coaching. This is a longer-term relationship that helps people become more effective in their role on a wider front. The sessions revolve around past or forthcoming events with a view to developing more effective leadership.
  • Profiling including Thomas Killman Conflict ModeInstrument and Myers Brigs Type Indicator


Workshops will vary in length from a half to two-days and focus on a specific topic. Usually, material will be developed specifically for the organisation. Topics will vary but will be related to more effective management. They could be about power and influence, organisational politics, team working, strategy, leadership styles, managing conflict, motivation, resilience, and so on.

Strategy Facilitation

Management teams often benefit from an external facilitator to help them develop a robust and meaningful strategy for their organisation. This can be an aspect of strategy such as introducing Key Account Management, or more general such as a five-year strategy for the business.

Management Development Programmes

These will be designed to fit the client’s circumstances such as their location or the availability of their target managers. For smaller organisations, these can be run once only, or for larger organisations, they can have several iterations. The length and content will vary between organisations but will focus on improving the personal impact of the attendees. They will always be a combination of practical activities, interactive sessions and group work. Some 1-2-1 work is also likely to be involved. Where possible, non-traditional methods are incorporated such as the use of social media or the involvement of specialist actors to provide realistic simulations.

If you wish to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us:



Mike Mobile +44 (0)7970 858339

Jill: Mobile +44 (0)7973 639136


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