About the Leadership Blog

A drop of leadership can have a big impact.
Photo by Roger McLassus

As the picture symbolises, a little leadership can make a big splash, but in often unpredictable ways. There is no certainty in leadership or simple rule; do this and that will happen. It depends on the person and the circumstances.

However, one thing that is certain about people in leadership positions is that they never have enough time to just switch off and think. Our hope is that this Blog will create a brief pause for some of that thinking. If it helps stimulate reflection, ideas or debate, we will be most gratified.

Indeed, if anything written here moves the reader to comment, that too will be most rewarding. So please feel free to add your thoughts, especially if they disagree with ours.

On a personal note, the blog is written by Mike and even though thinking is supposed to be part of his job, he also doesn’t take enough time out to do so. Hopefully this Blog will help rectify that situation. We will just have to see.


One comment

  1. David Stanning · · Reply

    Thanks, Mike. Sounds a bit like ‘the elephant in the room’ syndrome. Maybe a touch of Aussie bluntness about the place might remedy that!

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