New Year’s Resolutions!

Image courtesy: Alan Keyse

Image courtesy: Alan Keyse

Most New Year’s resolutions are about becoming a better person – but are rarely followed through. So here’s an idea borrowed from Oliver Burkeman (journalist and author) that may just be feasible. In fact, it’s two ideas:

1) Meditate.

All the research shows that even 5 minutes a day can make a significant difference to all sorts of things. These days it can appear in many different guises: Mindfulness; Yoga; Tai Chi; Self-Hypnosis, or even Transcendental Meditation as made famous by The Beatles.

They all require you to relax, concentrate on something (breathing, being still, your movement), and experiencing the moment. Easily distracted? Well, noticing that you’re distracted is usually the core of meditation.

Some might argue that a ‘power nap’ is better – but unlike meditation, is much harder to do at work or in a chair.

2) Find something to stop doing.

Most people in leadership roles find that they continually take on more and more things to do, and that there are many things they want to do, but never have time for. A good discipline can be the regular abandonment of something to make time for these more important activities.

One simple experiment is to make a list of ten activities you perform regularly, rank them in some order of importance, and abandon the bottom two. If the organisation would really suffer as a consequence, you can always delegate them, outsource them, or reduce them to their minimum.  But more often than not, the bottom two add little value.

Go on – dare yourself to try at least one in 2016.

Happy New Year!



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