The case of the missing Mojo…

lost-mojoTwo months ago, Peta dramatically announced to her peer group of MDs that she had “lost her mojo[1] for the business”. Like the rest of the group, she ran a medium-sized enterprise, but was also founder shareholder. The other shareholder was an Angel investor who had previously saved the business with a much needed cash injection, but who had recovered his investment some years back.

Following tough times, the business was taking off, just as the Angel turned Devil by announcing that shareholding arrangements had to be changed. The suggested route threatened Peta’s ownership of the business and she became disaffected. At the same time, the staff became more difficult and sales began, once again, to decline.

After close questioning and critique by the group, Peta saw that there were more options than she had originally thought and that there was some vital information she hadn’t investigated, such as the details of the shareholder agreement.

Carrying her rediscovered mojo before her, Peta reappeared last week. As a result of the discussion, she had found that she was in a much better position than the Angel had led her to believe. She had appointed an accountant, had the difficult conversation with the Angel, and an offer accepted to buy the Angel out rather than the other way round. And as her mojo returned, staff became easier, sales returned and more business opportunities began to appear.

Coincidence? Maybe. More likely it’s an example of what’s going on in a leader’s head affecting their mood, energy and outlook; and in consequence, the performance of their staff. And it doesn’t have to be something as dramatic as losing control of your business to affect your mood, energy and/or outlook; and the performance of your staff.

It is therefore always useful to ask yourself:

 How do I feel about my business?

And to recognise that your feelings will usually be picked up by your people. In fact, mood and energy management may well be unrecognised core leadership skills.

[1]Mojo: a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful, etc.; influence, especially magic power; sex appeal; talent; probably of African origin



  1. Marion Thomas · · Reply

    I so totally agree and think you are spot on…..again. And there is nothing magical about this once you really get that your whole disposition, and self-management of your mood and energy creates the whole space and environment for your team to work in. As a leader you create that space and you hold the choice as to whether you create something that is inspiring, energetic, fun and creative or not. Sort out what is going on inside of you first, shape it to what you want it to be, and then have the courage to turn that which is inside you into what you then hold for your business to work within. Stand back and create and hold that space, connect with your team, read what is happening, let go a little bit and trust, and it is amazing what takes off as a result.

    1. And I think you’ve hit the spot too Marion. Harder to do than say of course but worth the effort. Many thanks.

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