Monthly Archives: May 2014

Not my role model, but….

Whatever you think of Nigel Farage, you can’t ignore him. As the public face of UKIP, he is newsworthy. He has presented himself as a man-of-the-people championing ‘Britain for the British’ while laughing at both himself and his opponents, and toasting all who come near with multiple pints of beer. In spite of the caricature […]

Winning Back Trust at Barclays – Rhetoric or Reality?

Many people see Barclays as a byword for scandal and excess among Britain’s banks – the rigging of Libor, the widespread miss-selling of PPI, and the indecent payouts to top executives and investment bankers.[1] In addition, there are reports of a culture of bullying in its Wealth Management Division. As a result, Barclays is going back to […]

Peeragogy – What the ….

Although it’s been around for some time, peer-to-peer is the new big thing! Having worked in a peer review environment in the past (i.e. academia) I know how uncomfortable but useful it can be. Nowadays, peer review and feedback is increasingly used in a commercial environment but is also being recognised as one of the most productive process […]