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Old Father Time: Diosen

Dealing With the ‘Old Enemy’

Is there enough time in the day for you? Probably not! But how serious a problem is this? Research from Princeton University[1] indicates that for a business leader it could be catastrophic. The basic idea is that if we feel we have too little time, we enter a state of time deprivation. Scarcity of time, […]

How can a failure be so admired?

Political firebrand Tony Benn has died to a flurry of obituaries and commentary. Within them are two common themes about him and his life. The first is that in spite of his notoriety and ministerial positions, he failed to achieve many, if any, of his political and policy ambitions. Second, that he was, and still […]

Should You Worry What People Think of You?

With the trial of Rebekah Brooks in the news, rumours about Blair’s affairs with both Brooks and Wendy Deng once again surface, as does general interest in Blair’s style. In this context, Ross McKibbin (labour Party historian) says that he didn’t “think what people think of him has ever worried him too much”[1]. Now there’s […]