Monthly Archives: September 2013

So – How ‘Good’ Are You?

If you’re not in the world of fund management, you’ve probably never heard of him. Yet, he has been described as “one of the best … fund managers in the UK market today” by Citywire and was recently awarded Best Fund Manager by What Investments. He has also been referred to as “probably the UK’s most […]

Four Words and 5.5 Million Views on You Tube. Not Enough I’m Afraid!

So which four-word utterance – plus a lot of screaming – has had over five-and-a-half million views on YouTube?  The answer: “I… Love… This… Company”, famously shouted by Steve Ballmer at a Microsoft presentation in 2008.  Larger than life, Ballmer has recently announced his retirement. Immediately, Microsoft’s share price rose by 8%. So why this […]