Monthly Archives: March 2013

Resilience… Who needs it?

Last weekend, every Rugby and League Football team that I supported lost. I’m sure you will recall similar situations yourself. It didn’t make me feel great, but I managed to avoid slipping into a depression. And then, as I read the match reports and the implications for some of the managers, I recognised that while […]

Leading from home…..

So, what’s so awful about working from home? Or as the recent coverage about Yahoo has illustrated, letting your people work from home? After all, BT has actively encouraged legions of its staff to become home-based, seemingly without adverse effect while saving a fortune. In addition, in a world where telecommuting is technologically feasible and […]

Bust Ups in the Boardroom – You’re Fired – No, I Resign!

The UK papers on Sunday carried stories of an expletive laden ‘bust up’ at a YouView board meeting between two high profile business leaders: Lord Alan Sugar and Richard Desmond. The row culminated with Sugar resigning as Chairman and Desmond jeering at him in a reportedly “taunting” manor as Sugar advanced with clenched fists. The […]