Monthly Archives: November 2012

When the CEO is Ambushed…

Earlier this month, a previously innocuous television presenter, Phillip Schofield, ambushed the Prime Minister, David Cameron, live on TV. Without warning, he now famously handed him a list of supposed paedophiles downloaded from the Internet demanding that he look at them and asking what he intended to do about them. To his credit, Cameron kept […]

A death at the BBC

So, after only 53 days as Director General, George Entwistle falls on his sword and resigns his leadership of the mighty BBC. The final straw seems to have been a grilling on the Today programme in which he once again came across as out of touch (See Blog 6th Nov 2012). Worse still, he appeared […]

How leaders can lose it

George Entwistle is definitely struggling as Director General of the BBC. After a reasonable start in leadership terms (See previous blog 17 October 2012), he now stands accused of traits that make it hard to provide effective leadership for the corporation. The key incident that brought theses to the attention of the journalists and politicians […]

Leading the fight against the dark side

Sophos is one of the leading IT protection companies in the world. Everything about them says: “We are the good guys fighting to protect you from the evil ones”. The impression is that of Bletchley Park during WWII with the brightest of the bright once again brought together to combat an increasingly sophisticated but invisible […]