The Leadership Smorgasboard

Photo by Jozie Meldrum

There are hundreds of books, articles and blogs on leadership. YouTube has many excellent videos from some very impressive people. So who’s right? Which one has the secret of leadership? Which one should I read/watch?

The danger is being overwhelmed with it all – as one member of an audience I was recently presenting to said: “But do I have to do ALL that? I just don’t have the time!” In his outburst, however, lies the answer:

Take only what you need from wherever you find it.

If you subscribe to the notion that there are no boundaries to leadership – that there is always room to become better – then leadership development is like picking from a smorgasbord of leadership delights.

When you find something that suits you, that matches your philosophy of life, that you CAN do, and that you can see would add value to those you work with, then just help yourself.

The starting point, however, is spotting the tit-bit in the first place. For example, as George Ambler (another leadership blogger) points out, if you meet a recognised leader, don’t forget to quiz them for ideas you might be able to use.

Leadership capability, then, can always be added to – but at the same time – you’ve got to want it. The big questions for any leader or aspiring leader are, therefore:

  1. Am I hungry for leadership improvements?
  2. What do I do to find good ideas?
  3. How do I evaluate their relevance to me?

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