Monthly Archives: October 2012

What do the Savile and Armstrong scandals say about leadership?

For the purposes of this blog, let us assume that both Jimmy Savile and Lance Armstrong are guilty of their respective charges. If so, they were both ‘hidden in full view’ and got away with their crimes for a long, long time, although the crimes in question were quite different. Whatever the case, they both […]

Limits to Leadership

The English Football Association has been leading a campaign against racism this week titled “Kick it Out”. In support, professional footballers were asked to wear T-shirts promoting the slogan and signalling their agreement. However, a number of players clearly felt that there has been a distinct lack of leadership – that the campaign has more […]

Should Leaders be Allowed to Tweet?

Everyone accepts that leaders should communicate with their staff, and most would admit that there is always room for more. Conventional wisdom, backed by quite a lot of research, suggests that for a message to get through, it needs to be repeated seven times. But of course, the content has to be useful if it […]

The Leadership Smorgasboard

There are hundreds of books, articles and blogs on leadership. YouTube has many excellent videos from some very impressive people. So who’s right? Which one has the secret of leadership? Which one should I read/watch? The danger is being overwhelmed with it all – as one member of an audience I was recently presenting to […]

Is it wise for the leader to publicly criticise his people?

“We will give them everything to help them to be better, but if they don’t want to show that self-motivation – (that) hunger to succeed – then it can be very difficult.”[1] So said Brendan Rodgers of Stewart Downing and Jose Enrique, two of the players he inherited when he took over as manager at […]

Leader Admits to Sex Scandal at the BBC

The BBC has had a problem of sexual imbalance i.e. it is very male dominated. Apart from various accusations of being ‘ageist’ when it comes to female presenters, the recent revelation in Guardian (28/9/12) was that Radio 4’s Today programme, a flagship broadcast, had an average of only 18.5% female reporters and guests. However, this […]

Boris Johnson and Leadership

As I write, the conservative party conference has just ended with David Cameron’s closing, rather dour, speech. But all the talk is of the new star Boris Johnson rather than ‘Dave’ as Boris calls him. Indeed, there is much gossip about whether Boris is the new saviour of the party; the new leader in waiting. There […]